Our Parent orientations

Dear Emblaze Academy Founding Families!

We look forward to your partnership — We wish for all our students to be trailblazers in the community and live each day with purpose as they prepare for college and their dream career.

At Emblaze Academy Charter School, we believe the Torch of knowledge, creativity and passion will guide our students as life-long thinkers. Each day is a new opportunity to spark learning and development in academic areas and enrichment activities at our school with hopes that change and perseverance illuminates us all.

We are fired up for Summer and look forward to completing the Registration Process together and seeing you at one of our Orientation days below.

Date: July 26, 2018       Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm
Date: August 9, 2018   Time: 8:30am-10:00am
Date: August 20, 2018 Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Rojas at 917-415-6547 or erojas@emblazeacademy.org.

In Gratitude,

Emblaze Academy

Our Mission

Through rigorous curriculum and high quality instruction, provided within an invested and ambitious school community, Emblaze Academy Charter School prepares all students in grades five through eight to thrive in high school and graduate from the college of their choice

Our Beliefs

Rigorous Curriculum

We respect the intelligence, innate desire to learn, and academic capability of our students.


Rigor Equals Equity. We hold our students to high academic expectations because we know they are capable of reaching the bar we set. Our curriculum, vetted by experts, is used by high-performing schools across the country to get results and prepare students for college.

Challenge and support are at the core of who we are instructionallyAll students receive daily interventions and are challenged with complex tasks in their core classes. We have two special educators in each grade, a robust RTI program, and small group instruction four times daily.

We start with the end. All of our students are going to college, so we carefully backwards map all assessments, units, and daily lessons using the New York State Common Core Standards and AP Literature, Mathematics, and History courses. We know the college-ready bar in each subject.

High Quality Instruction

We believe in the power of high quality teachers to transform our students’ academic trajectory.


High-impact professional development. Every teacher is equipped with the skills they need to effectively lead a classroom and deliver results. We have a culture of growth and feedback, weekly practice-based professional development, and every teacher has an instructional coach.

We measure results, not intentions. We are unapologetically data-driven because every student deserves targeted instruction that pushes him or her to meet ambitious academic goals. We analyze exit tickets daily in all subjects, and give weekly quizzes, and Interims every six weeks.

Our systems allow us to thrive. We have consistent systems throughout individual classrooms and across the school that create a predictable space in which students can excel academically and behaviorally. Teachers are normed and consistent, and classes are structured and joyful.

Invested, Ambitious School Community

Our community is relentlessly ambitious, energetic, & focused, & deeply respectful of our students & families.


RISE. Our core values of Respect, Initiative, Scholarship, and Effort come alive in our school through our words, actions, and physical space. Students learn about our core values at Student Orientation and get daily individual and group feedback through scholar dollars and RISE points.

We celebrate academics. Students become fully invested in their personal academic growth and achievement. Students earn awards and recognition at weekly awards ceremonies and reflect on progresss in weekly small group Family Meetings with their advisors. 

Families are partners. Families become invested in our mission. We hold Home Visits with every new family and three Family Academy sessions each year. We host monthly school-based family events and engage in daily and weekly communication with our families.