Our public charter is entirely tuition free for every student, and your 100% tax deductible donations ensures that our students have what they need to succeed in college and beyond. 

Join our scholars, families, and teachers in our mission to combat education inequalities in the South Bronx by making a donation below.

A small donation goes a long way ...

$50 - The cost of one student's class novels for the year.

$100 - The cost a full uniform set for one student

$300 - The cost one student's laptop

$500 - The cost of a full year of professional development for one teacher

$1,000 - The cost of a two day trip to a college campus for two students

$5,000 - The cost of a full classroom library with 500 books

$10,000 - The cost of a year's set of novels, textbooks, and school supplies for a full class