Emblaze Academy students are required to be in full uniform each day. Any students found not to be in uniform will receive a phone call home and be required to wear an Emblaze Academy loaner uniform and receive -5 SD for the day. The Emblaze Academy Uniform includes the following items:



Light blue collared, button up shirt with Emblaze Academy logo (Emblaze Academy will provide two uniform shirts: short sleeve and long sleeve)

  • Shirt must be tucked in at all times

  • Only black, white, or gray undershirts are allowed (short or long-sleeved)

  • Any student that earns more than 100SD can wear an Emblaze Academy homeroom or college t-shirt on Fridays, but uniform pants must still be worn.



  • Gray Emblaze Academy cardigans/sweatshirts during Winter season



  • Navy blue khaki pants (no shorts)

    • Must have belt loops

    • Must be worn at waist level

    • No side pockets/no cargo pants

    • No visible logos, patchwork, or rips/frayed detail

    • No denim, spandex, or corduroy material

    • Fit must not be too tight or too loose

    • Solid Black or Dark Brown belt only (no studs or designs; standard buckles only)



  • Solid Navy-blue skirts only (no patterns)

    • Must be to knee length

    • No slits above fingertip length

    • Shirt must be tucked in at all times

    • Optional: If worn, tights must be black, gray, beige, or navy under skirt; tights must be solid, with no holes or patterns



  • Socks must be worn at all times

  • All black sneakers only

  • Sneakers must have shoelaces

  • No flip flops, slippers, slip-ons or slides allowed (including Crocs, Toms, Uggs, or loafers)



  • Headwear

    • No hats, sweatbands, or head coverings/scarves (unless for cultural/religious reasons)

    • No headbands, large trinkets on hair

  • Piercings: Only stud earrings are allowed for safety reasons (No hoops–Students have PE and elective clubs every day)

  • Other jewelry: Necklaces must be small enough to be tucked into the uniform shirt during PE and elective clubs

  • Permanent/Non-Permanent Tattoos: No designs of any kind on the face or body



  • Students can wear any outdoor clothing of their choosing (rain boots, snow boots, scarves, sweater) to school, but all non- Emblaze Academy outerwear must be stored in backpacks or closets during the school day

  • Students must change into uniform sneakers upon arrival to the school building

  • Upon exiting the school, students can change into rain or snow boots